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High security Keys

High security keys are the most modern key technology. The keys are computer programmed and cannot be imitated through standard machines. These keys are carved and grooved by a specific code and transponder chip is installed in there to locate the key and its owner. This amazing service comes to your doorstep with Locksmith in New York in the most competitive prices in the market. High security keys can guarantee 100% security against any forced entry and the cylinder of lock is drilling or pin unlocking free. High security keys and locks can be the best option for the cars.

The other name of Hi-security keys is transponder installed keys, the transponder in the key matches the code to the car's built-in computer and only if it is matched, the car's system can be ignited and run. The top notch manufacturers of cars are now using this technology to prevent the car thefts. The built in computer protects the car from hot wiring, so even if a thief access the car or breaks in the car, he cannot start the car and go away. The software chip is small and is easily installed in the key case. Now the technology seems best but problem happens if the car key is broken or stolen. Locksmith in New York has the capacities to make new car key with installed with transponder which works in line with your car's systems.

The car key may stick in the ignition and in efforts to pull it out; you may end up breaking it. Or if you are forcing the key in the car lock, the result will be the same. In other conditions, it is only the transponder which is flawed and it is not working properly. Do not distress yourself! Now you do not have to travel a long distance to reach to your dealer and get a spare key and God forbid, if it is Christmas and you have disruptive transponder, sleep for the week as your dealer will open the business after New Year. But if you put your trust in the excellent services of Locksmith in New York, we will never fail you. At the expense of one call, our car locksmiths will show up at your doorstep and make the trouble disappear instantly. There is nothing like dealer only transponder key for Locksmith in New York, we are committed to provide excellent quality transponder keys at your doorstep.

As the transponder is the one which send out signal to immobiliser of the car and disarms it, if you are depending on someone who is untrained, you are welcoming the trouble yourself. The key will be extremely damaging to car's electrical system and may be a risk to your security. Locksmiths in New York hires the staffs that have gone through apprenticeship and know everything about the car keys and car locks and after much scrutiny and back check the trained locksmiths are dispatched to work on your vehicle. Locksmith in New York ascertains that the duplicate High security key will be all yours within an hour of your call.

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