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Tribute to Locksmith in New York: Locksmith in New York is an established organization; our popularity is all due to the remarkable services of our locksmiths. Professional locksmiths ofLocksmith in New York work day and night, in rain or shine to rescue people in trouble. We paid tribute to our locksmiths who are the backbone of company and are always trying hard to keep up the reputation of the company. Our locksmithswork relentlessly and are available round the clock. They demonstrate courtesy and excellence in their emergency services even in the middle of night. We are proud of our dedicated staffs that are committed to keep us ahead of competitors.

"Under Lock and Key" by Aaron fish:
Aaron Fish is a recognized name in locksmith industry; he has released his book 'Under Lock and Key' which covers the stories of his laborious and strenuous journey to become a business tycoon from mere blank key seller who used to deliver blank keys to stores on a bicycle.
This book is definitely of interest to anyone who wants to make a name in this industry and also covers the aspects of business development in locksmith industry. MIT´s ground breaking 3-D printed key:

According to the authentic reports, two students of MIT have displayed their works of producing high security 3-D keys through computer codes. In this technology, the duplicate key is made by the 3-D printer, taking instructions from the code.
This method involves high costs of 3-D printers and other material and the ultimate pricing is much more than that of simple key carving. But if this technology is proliferated, it will be a threat to the security as anyone now can produce a high security key sitting at his home.So, the manufacturers need to keep an eye on the situation for future references.

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