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Push Bar/ Panic Bar

One should always be prepared for emergencies. The most important thing in an emergency exit plan is easily open able doors. The push and Panic Bars are the most significant tools in smooth evacuation of inhabitants. The Panic Bars are unlatched by simple downward pressing of bar and gives way to people to go out. These bars are also very useful for the rooms where children seek entry as they can operate it by themselves with a very little effort. Locksmith in New York offers you with a range of Panic Bars with high quality hardware and ideal installation. We make sure that you have the best solution in the most reasonable prices.

A contingency plan must always be in hand to deal with the emergency, emergency doors are very important in these emergency evacuation plans. As everyone is panicked and wants to exit the building hurriedly, there is no room for conventional latches or locks. This is why Panic Bars are installed at the exits; it lets out a great influx of people at once without creating any hindrance. The Panic Bars are installed in the middle of the door, with a little force of pressing it down, the door opens. The same technique is use in push bars and the push bars are of great advantage where children roam around the place. Locksmith in New York, just like in any other security domain is ahead of all its competitors and provides high quality hardware installation.

As the Panic Bars are used in emergency, there must not be any fail condition. Imagine that fire broke out in your office building; you obviously want to exit the building immediately but as soon as you press the bar, it is stuck and it is not working. You are actually doomed and you will know what it is like when sky is falling. So not only installation of emergency bars is important but it is equally significant to keep a check on its working after regular intervals. Locksmith in New York installs repairs and maintains your Panic Bar and push bar. We make sure that your safety is always on the top and even if the situation is not going according to the way, you must always have plan B working for you. The installation of Panic Bar must be among the top of the items on the check list to maintain a secure premises.

The push bars are easy to be handled from inside, but since these are installed on the façade of the building and have an outer exposure. The person from the outer side must not access it. So the lock must only be opened from inside, to open a lock from outside, there must be a key to the lock. Locksmith in New York never overlooks such details of security. The bars are installed in a way to give way from inside to outside. Hence the premises are still protected without any threat of intrusion from emergency doors. For no fail emergency exits, take benefit from Locksmith in New York's services.

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